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Classical Acupuncture was born in the early dynasties of China.  The medicine remained untouched and time-tested until the Song Dynasty of the 10th century CE with the age of Confucianism created a limited centralized approach to the art of Acupuncture & Moxibustion.  The Taoist adherents to the classics left for the hills of Northern Vietnam, where an unbroken lineage of classical medicine exists to this day.  Classical Chinese Medicine theories emphasized the spirit and emotions as the cause of dis-ease, manifesting as physical symptoms.  Dr. Nguyen Van Nghi, M.D. and Dr. Tran Viet Dzang, M.D. have provided us here in the West this rich tradition of classical medicine which to this day has proven its worthiness in the great traditions of indigenous medicine.  The power of moxibustion fire - frequency of light.  We sit in front  of a fire and take in the radiating heat - much like the power of moxibustion.  just a few minutes will help the organs work better, more efficienc y.  A term we call "tonification."  Make everything work better.  In the West, we call this "Adaptogenic".  Helping the body to better adapt to internal and external stressors.  San Jiao Energetics - where we identify and treat a breakdown in the physiology

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